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2012 Fomula 1 Shell Belgium Grand Prix

Tv Compound hungaroring, Uplink & production trucks at Francorchamp, Belgium.Tv Compound, Uplink & production trucks at Francorchamp, Belgium.

The Dutch satellite uplink company
Multi-Link Holland is responsible for all Formula 1 EBU (European Broadcasting Union) transmissions. This company travels the world since 2004 for the Formula 1. You can regonice them easily by their green uplink dishes. Since 2004 they produce satellite uplinks at the Formula 1 for many broadcasters, RTL Netherlands, RTL+ Germany, ORF Austria, Sky Italia, Ferrari TV, ViaSat Sweden and more. They will give us an inside look through the whole season in what they must achieve on every location they land with their equipment, starting this weekend in Melbourne Australia and ending 25 november in Brazil. At this last race in Brazil we will do a special report about this company on the Interlagos circuit.

The 'Triple Dish uplink trailer' from Multi-Link Holland at Francorchamp, Belgium.

2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgium Grand prix
Gerben of Multi-Link : "We are back on the circuit of Spa Francorchamps. It is the race closest to Netherlands and feels a bit like a home race for us. We have had 4 weeks no Formula 1, the summer break ' this has given us a little bit rest but we have being not totaly free. The german DTM and the dutch GT Masters continued and was also be broadcasted by MultiLink Holland".

The EBU , SKY F1 MCR from Multi-Link Holland at Francorchamp, Belgium.

"Furthermore, we have build a portable set for TV Globo Brasil. We had to arrange this in front because between the Monza race and the Singapore race there will be no time to do this. So we made good use of our summer break. We added all needed equipment in flight cases and fully wired them so when we need a Fly Away we can setup TV Globo Brasil very quickly. For this race we just put these flightcases in the white production trailer for use at this Belgium Grand Prix". Gerben explained.

The new Flightcase for TV Globo Brasil for the next overseas Grand Prixes.

Gerben: "We are at the F1 of Belgium with the green triple dish trailer for EBU, the white production trailer will be used for for TV GLOBO Brasil and the black edit / uplink van for the German broadcaster ZDF. The tricky thing of Belgium is that it is often very cold and it rains a lot. This is for us no drama because of our large dishes and powerful HPA's, we have no problems with the rain for sure. But for us ourselfs it is a little less nice because we are more accustomed to the sunny places in the Formula 1 season ;)".

The 'Triple Dish uplink trailer' from Multi-Link Holland at Francorchamp, Belgium.

"Sunday after the race we will drive directly to Monza, the Grand Prix of Monza will be next weekend already!"
Next race Grand Prix of Monza on the 9th of september.

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