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UFC in Fortaleza

UFC in Fortaleza

The 6th till 8th of june BroadcastBrazil was in Fortaleza in the state of Ceará, Brazil, at the UFC event.

We talked with
Marcio Moreira, the Image Director of this UFC show, and had the chance to ask him some questions.


BB: So Marcio, please tell us what is your function, and what does it include
Marcio: “I am an image director and to get here I learned photography, Studio and external camera, graphics, video control cameras and also followed the work of other directors in the most varied areas of tv production”.

BB: How many years are you on UFC 
Marcio: “
I don’t know exactly the years, but till now I have done 5 UFC shows here in Brazil”.

BB: What is the best part of the UFC events 
Marcio: “
There is not e specific ‘best part’ at the event. The production for sure is great and very well organized. It is an event full of highly trained professionals”.

BB: What is the difference of Brazil and other countries at UFC events 
Marcio: “
Working also with music shows, live tv programs, and sports in General, the difference is the way of working with the Americans.
Everything is well rehearsed and scripted”.


BB: How is communication with foreigners in general in your work
Marcio: “
My communication is very good due to speaking English. We talked about the whole operation of the switcher and the camera movements before and during the events so there were no doubts left”.

BB: What are the good and bad parts of Brazil as event host
Marcio: “
Brazil is a very big country. Has a geography very differentiated from other places and has a very large number of spaces for this type of event. The problem is that the best work and venues are located in urban areas and with many local rules, such as for example the city of São Paulo that has a time limit for a big event to end. In Brazil we have a lot of good professionals, but most of them do not speak a second language”.

BB: Do you notice a difference in foreign culture and your culture, in the way of working especially
Marcio: “
The main difference is the way the event is produced. All those involved are very professional and organized”.


BB: Any specific technical difficulties this last UFC, and if so, these were due to what exactly
Marcio: “
In the operating area I had no problem”.

BB: Any good advice for the Brazilians in this area
Marcio: “
One advice that I can give to professionals in this area is to learn foreign languages, because we are having more and more international events”.

BB: Do you see a rise in the amount of (english speaking) Brazilian
Broadcast Technicians needed during the UFC in Brazil, and in which specific areas
Marcio: “
I realize that the need for professionals is very high in all operational areas, but having professionals for these areas that speak english is still very difficult”.

BB: How do you see the future for Brazilian broadcast Technicians the coming years with all upcoming foreign events
Marcio: “
I see a good future for the Brazilian technicians. I believe many invest heavily in operational expertise, given the demand”.


BB: What is the most important for you to be able to work with foreign companies
Marcio: “
To have a lot of knowledge in the making. Always do  your best. Cooperate and work as a team”.

BB: What kind of gear do you use
Marcio: “
My equipment is the Switcher that has several video signals and graphs that are used during the event”.

BB: Tell is some more about this equipment/brand/type
Marcio: “
The equipment tends to be Sony or GrassValley with 8 video outputs at least, 2 key-ers and 2MEs”.


BB: You work both in Sao Paulo and in Rio, do you see already a difference in the Broadcast field in these 2 cities, if so in which way?
Marcio: “
The professionals of the two cities meet the needs of all types of events. The difference is that in Sao Paulo, the number of events is greater”.

BB: What kind of events do you prefer to work on, sports, live music etc..
Marcio: “
I like to work in all sports and mega musical shows, nationally and internationally”.

And of course, do you have other interesting notes to share from last UFC event:
“It is very good to be in the UFC and to be working with high-level professionals. It ss an event to work and learn”.

So we hope this is, besides, fun to read, also a good help and insight information about foreign broadcast events held in Brazil and what the future may hold.

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Panasonic (Switcher)