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English and "Consequences"

English and "Consequences"

Since we are an English focused website about the Broadcast, Webcast and Mobile world here in Brazil we really felt the need and of course pleasure to show you the following commercial from English school CCAA. They are known for using famous American actors for their marketing, but this is the first time we came across a great commercial from them. 

Ok, besides that it is a great and funny commercial, the boy saying proudly Hotsydoggy (it's hotdog) it shows exactly the main issue in Brazil, and also one of the reasons we created Broadcast Brazil. There is such a big shortage in 'real' English speaking personnel in the Broadcast world in Brazil that these "consequences" as in the video do happen, of course not being attacked by sharks ;-), but in a practical real way.

For example:
A Video Director needing to give directions to a cameraman while the camera operator speaks only "more or less" English (claiming he speaks it) Consequence? Wrong shots, misplaced timing.... And so on. Of course we know that technical talk is different in each country, even using the English language, and that is why it is even more important to learn and really dominate your English. Besides that all us English speaking people in this Broadcast world are needed the coming years more and more!

The Shark Attack!

You can see the Shark attack as a metaphor for the foreigners attacking your jobs and if things don't change many people from other countries will be doing the work at coming World Soccer and the Olympics, it sounds a bit harsh, but it is a becoming reality. This commercial shows us the importance of being able to communicate worldwide and don't have to worry for "The Consequences" Here also the making of video, which is worth your time!

We'd love to hear your opinion about this commercial.

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