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Brazilian Cinema and International Events

Brazilian Cinema and International Events

Most of the foreigners might have never heard from
ANCINE, well that is not that strange since it is the government institution for Cinema.
For 2014 this institution applied new rules in terms of promoting and stimulating national cinema outside of Brazil, which is great!


Here some more information about the publication made by ANCINA

"ANCINE publishes rules to support the
participation of films, projects and professional programs in international events in 2014.
This Program supporting festivals shall also include projects in workshops.


Aiming to encourage the promotion of Brazilian audiovisual production abroad and increase the
participation of Brazilian companies abroad in the audiovisual market ANCINE renewed it's program for the year 2014, with two support programs aimed at the international area. 
These programs seek to contribute and facilitate the participation of
national films and projects at major festivals and workshops of the international cinema, besides also the participation of the sector in market related events and business meetings.

"We believe that the format they will implement this year, through the extension of both programs will allow a more comprehensive role in enabling the presence of Brazilian companies and professionals in major international events in the audiovisual sector. There is a complementarity between the three lines that make up the programs because they make us understand the development and presentation  on one hand, and the negotiations in order to produce and make the product move in the international market, "said Rosana Alcantara, director ANCINE.


The Support Program Participation of Brazilian Movies at International Festivals, launched in 2006 by ANCINE, assists with financial services and resources, depending on the event, for the participation of short, medium and Brazilian feature films selected for festivals abroad. Starting this year, the program shall also include financial support for selected projects for international workshops
The International Advisor for ANCINE, Eduardo Valente, justifies the inclusion of laboratories/workshops in the program with the assessment that "these events today have outstanding importance in the international projection of work and increasingly curators go to these events to invest in these works. With this increase, the total number of events in the program reaches 107, throughout the year."

This way we see that the
audiovisual market is not only expanding one way, which is mostly foreigners coming into Brazil, but that we can expect the coming years a rise of Brazilian products and professionals appearing in the foreign markets as well.


Great news, because this will stimulate the international market for Brazil and in the coming years prepare the Brazilian audiovisuals even better for the Olympics.

this site you can read more about the program, it is in Portuguese but Google Translate will help out pretty well ;-)