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2012 Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix by Multi-Link Holland

Blog20121028-F1India01Formula 1 2012 Indian Grand Prix

The Dutch satellite uplink company
Multi-Link Holland is responsible for all Formula 1 EBU (European Broadcasting Union) transmissions. This company travels the world since 2004 for the Formula 1. You can regonice them easily by their green uplink dishes. Since 2004 they produce satellite uplinks at the Formula 1 for many broadcasters, RTL Netherlands, RTL+ Germany, ORF Austria, Sky Italia, Ferrari TV, ViaSat Sweden and more. They will give us an inside look through the whole season in what they must achieve on every location they land with their equipment, starting this weekend in Melbourne Australia and ending 25 november in Brazil. At this last race in Brazil we will do a special report about this company on the Interlagos circuit.

This time the Multi-Link blogpost is setup by Marco van Uffelen and Gerben Vissers of Multi-Link Holland. Gerben Vissers is performing some other uplink productions in Europe, besides that he is preparing the other overseas races for the Formula 1 like the Grand Prix of the USA & Brazil.

"We are in India for the EBU and TV Globo. Like in China it is not allowed that we use our own dishes and HPA's to transmit. Therefore, we
hired that part with some Indian companies". Gerben of Multi-Link Holland explains.

The full HD switchset setup for TV Globo Brazil from Multi-Link Holland in India

Gerben "
For the EBU we receive the the signals from the host, we switch, encode, modulate and transmit. So actually we do the whole joint. For TV Globo Brazil we perform besides transmitting the entire live video production in HD".

The mobile EBU / SKY F1 MCR from Multi-Link Holland at New Delhi in India

Gerben "
It is the second time we are in India, and some things have being changed since last time. Last year we were in 'tents' instead of cabins. This year, it still tents but they are firmer and have wooden walls now".

A little part of the Encoder & Modulator rack for the EBU/SKY transmission in India

Gerben "
The commentary positions are just as last year located in a separate building with not any view on the track in which is a strange situation for the TV and Radio commentators. You can at most watch your neighbor by a little window on de sides of the booth. This neighbors are also commenting. Why these windows are there we do not know. It seems that the 'real' commentary positions were built an another location on the circuit but are rented as skyboxes now".

Next race will take place in Abu Dhabi, the 2012 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Etihad Airways Grand Prix at Yas Island , on the Yas Marina circuit, the 4th of november.

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