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IBC 2015 : Time for a short recap

We visited IBC in Amsterdam this year again. Time for a short recap

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Time for a short recap

Broadcast Brazil has been visiting the IBC 2015 in Amsterdam. Time for a short recap. Every year the IBC in Amsterdam is for sure in our agenda. The exhibition is just huge, complete and……. huge :) To write down al we have seen and touched will be impossible. We hope you followed the IBC news on our Facebook and Twitter Social channels for most actual news but we have some things that popped out for us this year. We also attended 2 events that were organised near the RAI building where IBC is held, we went to SOHO Editors Final Cut Pro Seminars and the Supermeet.

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Time for a short recap

In general 4K is now a standard for most new products. So it’s no longer a novelty at IBC 2015. Something that attracted our attention was HDR video. Especially talks about HDR where to be found all over the IBC.

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Sony HDR

Sony explained the benefits of this technology. HDR will give a highly increased dynamic range. Meaning blacker blacks and brighter whites. Also an enormous colour range increase is possible.

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Sony HDR

Mobile video transmission:
Mobile Viewpoint introduced their new compact Agile 2R 3G/4G transmitter with audio-return. Very compact, mountable on the back of a camera or in a separate backpack.

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Mobileviewpoint

The Mobile Viewpont WMT’s (Wireless Multiplex Terminals) have bee used for a while, and the company keeps improving and their products and expanding their product range. Basically it’s a video over GPRS/3G/4G encoder and transmitter that combines up to 8 sim-cards to create bandwidth.

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , Mobileviewpoint

A receiver is connected anywhere on internet to a UTP connection and outputs an SDI/HDMI video signal. SD and HD are both possible. Delay can be as low as 0,8s.

SOHO Editors Final Cut Pro Seminars

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , SOHO Editors Final Cut Pro Seminars

In the Spaces conference rooms at walking distance to the IBC, there were some great seminars with many tips and tricks for editing and Final Cut / Motion workflows, from the people who use FCPX on a daily basis or give trainings in it. What was very good to see, is that Final Cut Pro X, after al it’s updates, can finally be that lightning fast editing environment that many Final Cut Pro 7 editors have been missing. Besides being user-friendly and affordable, you’ll find that when you delve deeper into the tricks and shortcuts, you’ll see that you can put together edits amazingly quickly! We’ll be at SOHO events again in the future! As soon as it is available we will add the video in this article!


The annual Amsterdam Supermeet was again a great event. Most known for it’s world famous Raffle! With roughly 70K€ of prizes to win (including 2 Black Magic camera’s and 4K swithers)

Broadcast Brazil - IBC 2015 , SuperMeet

Besides presentations of several key players in video and postproduction, the main speaker was 3x Academy Award winning film and sound editor Walter Murch. Known for The Godfather 2 and 3 and Apocalypse Now. He changed a lot from analog editing, to Avid, to Final Cut Pro, to Premiere and back... for different films. And he likes extensive audio editing within the Final Cut timeline  :)

Walter Murch is now 72 years old, and went through all the changes in the industry especially the change from analogue to digital.
This guru/veteran decided to connect a huge letter L to his desk, because it signifies the fact that you're always learning.


Also be emphasised the importance for him to work standing up, instead of sitting down. Standing while you're editing gives a greater sense of activity and concentration.
Try it out!

We did not find his presentation at the official Supermeet YouTube channel, but somebody did record it.
Video part 1:

Video part 2:

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