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Sencity, a story of Ronald Ligtenberg.

Sencity Live webcast Sao Paulo

Event organizer Stichting Skyway" organizes sensory music events for the deaf and hearing. The emotion of the music is transferred to the public with Aroma Jockeys, Vibrating dance floors, Taste sensations and Sign language dancers. The concept is very successful internationally as well and pulls the whole world with editions in Cape Town, Sydney, Miami and many European cities.

To understand what Sencity is, watch this video:

Ronald Ligtenberg of Skyway: On 24 September 2011 there was an event planned in São Paulo and simultaneously in Rotterdam. By using a live Internet stream, visitors could enjoy each other in both cities. Establishing such a connection is important for the deaf community. Because they often are in the minority, they benefit from solidarity worldwide.

Sencity Live webcast Sao Paulo
The podium in Rotterdam with the livestream from São Paulo on the beamer projection.

The feeling that they do not stand alone but together with their counterparts on the other side of the planet forms a unity, promotes confidence and self esteem. Thanks to the international technological knowledge of Connecting Media & Connecting Media Brasil we managed 'relatively easy' to set this up. It was very useful that Connecting Media at both locations could facilitate an expert team on the spot. Especially since this was the first project in which we worked with a Brazilian partner. We had no experience in the cultural differences that sometimes led to notable interviews:

"I've just sent the draft of the flyer - you can still look at it?"
Buuuuttt the event ... it's been about ten days, we still do that? "
"Mwah .. it is nice when people come to the event and get a flyer they can take home?"
"Flyers for the event itself ... aha ... buuuuuttt then you go in a different way to promote?"
"Oh .... I had not said that it was already sold out? "

The São Paulo event:

Sencity Live webcast Sao Paulo
Sencity Flyers from São Paulo & Rotterdam

Ronald Ligtenberg:
“Eventually there were 2 very special editions with the Live Internet streaming which for some was ‘the’ highlight. The Brazilians who were in Rotterdam, had tears in their eyes when they saw their friends in São Paulo, in Brazil the audience got a lump in their throat when the deaf people saw their hero on stage in Rotterdam dancing. For me an unforgettable experience, and for 2200 attendees at both events as well!”

“The story continues with editions all over the world, but this one remains a special place in my heart!”

Sencity Live webcast Sao Paulo
Live performances on the special vibrating floors on both locations.

Connecting Media and Connecting Media Brasil were able to put those live streams on both locations on huge beamer projections of 14 by 9 meters.
“We made a H264 Quicktime Livestream, to get the best quality. We we did not have too much bandwidth on the location in São Paulo, but we managed to make a good and stable live stream” René Schaap of Connecting Media Brasil told us.

Sencity Live webcast Sao Paulo by connecting Media
The webcast setup of Connecting Media Brasil

The camera position was setup in a way so that when you looked at the live stream, it was like you were looking at the stage in Rotterdam from a spectators point of view. Meanwhile the sound from the stream was equalized so the special vibrating floors also worked with both livestreams. Connecting Media showed it can stream live even from Brazil .... worldwide.

Connecting Media


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